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Catch an Endless Wave with Wakesurfing

Are you ready to experience the latest trend in watersports on Lake Mead? Introducing Wakesurfing, the newest and latest Las Vegas Attraction that’s finally arrived for Las Vegas. Beat the heat and see what Wakesurfing is all about at the crystal clear, blue water Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Wakesurfing is great fun for all ages and is easy to learn without the challenge of surfing in the ocean. There’s nothing like feeling the wave from behind you as you let go of the rope and start surfing for the first time. It’s just you, the ENDLESS wave and the surf board. You can ride this wave until it gets dark or we run out of gas. We’re actually working on setting the world record for surfing for the longest time. We use a specially designed wave producing boat for you to surf an endless wave! Let Vegas Water Sports take you for the ultimate Wakesurfing experience with the Hoover Dam as a backdrop just 35 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

We are the only place near Las Vegas at Lake Mead that offers Wakesurfing and Wakesurf sessions.

Our certified instructors will help you get up and ride the wave for the first time or help you get to the next level. Nothing moves you forward like time on the water.

  • getup How to get up wakesurfing! - Getting Up The most important thing when getting up wakesurfing is the board coming flat to you feet. Lay in the water relaxed with you feet extended out on the wakesurf board and rest your feet shoulder width apart with your toes up on the board. When the boat starts to go forward slowly the... Read more »
  • Emily Agate Emily Agate - See our friend Emily Surf (HERE!). The wakesurfing lifestyle I live now is actually very new to me! I grew up in the south east of England and had never experienced the amazing lake life I now live!! We used to come on vacation to Canada and fell in love, so began the process to... Read more »
  • lake mead, wake surf Only Surf Behind A V-Drive Boat_Safety Is #1 - Wakesurfing Safety Wakesurfing boats must have inboard motors, rather than outboard motors with exposed propellers, to prevent the surfer from being injured. An inboard motor is located farther forward on the boat under the stern, and the motor is usually located a few feet in front of the rudder. And while the boat should be... Read more »
  • SurfVId Wakesurfing Phase 5 - Check out the new video from the Phase 5 Team.  This has to be one of the best wakesurf videos I have ever seen!  These guys go above and beyond the average wakesurf set, and even use  3 boats at once to surf!   Seeing this video makes me think how closer we are to summer. ... Read more »

Try Wakesurfing! Prices starting at $259

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What comes with my Wakesurfing experience?

  • Complimentary Shuttle (Round Trip)*
  • Power boat Captain / Instructor
  • Wake-enhanced producing boat (the Super Air Nautique G23)
  • Choose multiple watersport activities to enjoy and experience
  • Use of the latest watersports equipment on the market: Life Jackets, Surf Boards
  • Wet Suits or Dry Suits are supplied for your convenience, but not required.
  • Drinking water supplied on boat (No food available on the boat)
  • Video or Photos of Your Activity
  • Family/Friends Ride Along Program (optional cost | see rates)
*If Complimentary Shuttle is used, there will be an additional $10 Park Entrance Fee / per person

Our Wakesurfing Experience is Powered by the Nautique NSS:

Nautique Surf System

Looking for Private Wakesurfing Lessons?

We offer private Wakesurfing lessons teaching you the fundamentals from getting you up to mastering a spin on the wave. Let our certified instructors and teachers help you get to the next level of Wakesurfing.

Click here to request more information for Private Wakesurfing Lessons

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We are the Only Certified, Licensed and Insured Water Sport Lessons on Lake Mead

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Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Sunrise to Sunset

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About Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing (similar to, but not the same sport as, wakeboarding) is a watersport in which a surfer trails behind a wakeboard boat, surfing the boat’s wake without being directly attached to the boat. The wake from the boat mimics the look and feel of an actual ocean wave. After getting up on the wave by use of a tow rope, wakesurfers drop the rope and ride the steep face below the wave’s peak in a fashion reminiscent of ocean surfing. Wakesurfers generally use special boards, usually five feet or shorter.

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